5G L1 Developer Training Program

This training program is the complete package to take the next step in your career in 5G. Understand the 5G technology and the way it is changing us professionally and personally. This program is aligned with the current job requirement of the 5G industry. Unlike any other course over the internet, this course is not about explaining the features and use cases of 5G, this course is going to teach you how to be a developer, and how to build a 5G physical layer.

This training will also help you find out and apply for different 5G roles in the industry.

Top skills you will learn

  • In-depth understanding of 5G architecture
  • 5G: How and Why?
  • Technologies around 5G: mmWave, OFDM, Massive MIMO, RAN
  • 3gpp specification and how it is designed
  • 5G Layer1
  • 5G initial cell access
  • Developing 5G on your own.

Who this program is for

  • Undergraduates and Graduates who are looking for jobs in the 5G industry
  • Engineers working in a different industry and want to be 5G developer
  • Engineers working in the 5G industry and want to sharpen their skills

Program duration

  • 4 weeks training program
  • 5 days a week online live classes
  • Live session timings: 8:30 PM to 9:15 PM
  • Additional Q&A sessions over weekends
  • 27th February 2023 – 25th March 2023

Syllabus – What you will learn from this course

  • Week 1: Overview
    • What is 4G, 5G, 3GPP, OFDM, CP-OFDM etc.
    • 5G Architecture and Frame structure
  • Week 2: DL
    • Synchronization and SSBurst
    • PDCCH and blind decoding
    • PDSCH and throughput calculation
    • DMRS and other reference signals
    • CSI-RS and MIMO
  • Week 3: UL
    • Uplink synchronization and PRACH
    • PUCCH and its different formats
    • PUSCH and MIMO
    • SRS
  • Week 4: Cell synchronization
    • Initial cell synchronization
    • miscellaneous topics on 5G

Training fees and payment options

  • Fees for this course: 5000/- INR

Registration process

  • Pre-register for the course using the below link
    • Why?: We have limited seats in the live online batch
    • Pre-registration has been closed.
  • Pre-registered candidates will receive an email for full registration

Contact Details:

For any query related to the training program contact us by dropping a message here Contact Us or drop a comment below.


  1. I am interested in 5G L1 training program. If possible, can you please open the pre registration again or please let me know the next batch start data.

  2. Hi All, this training was open only for the pre registered candidates as mentioned.
    Training will be starting next week. Link will be shared to pre registered candidates.
    Stay tuned for free training.

  3. Hi, yes there will be soon a detailed course with complete project development. Stay tuned.

  4. Will there be a 4 to 6 months detailed course any time soon? I am more interested in that.

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